Always outside the yoga mat.


Slipping outside?

Doing some circus?

Extensive yoga?

Just wanna tell you.

You do not need to be outside the mat anymore. Even if you´re tall, doing some circus on the mat, maybe slip or land outside sometimes or just have an extensive yoga form. You don´t have to get along.

You need to get a lOOOng.

It´s not standard - it´s lOOOng...

203 cm - that´s more than 6 feet dude!

Share with your absolutely best friend - but no one else.

A perfect fit.

If you´re looking for the perfect mat. Stop looking. Here it is.

It´s slippery free, 203 cm long (6,66 ft), It´s biological, best quality, nice design, Swedish family company that gives back in social missions and also to yoga teachers, no investors, made for real yogis.


Oooh! There is so much to say.

First – OOO just produce the best products. We do not say that we are much better than the other top brands on the market, we just say that we been choosing to produce the best quality products on the market.

Our products are natural and biological – it comes from nature and are on it´s way back to nature – Take care of the product and it take care of you.

The OOO yoga mat has been on the market for a longer time now – and we have many satisfied customer – claiming the quality on OOO is the best!

Customer happy? – Then we are happy!

Long yoga mat type Liforme