Our Quote

We believe in karma.

Itś important for us that we benefit the yoga community, the yoga studios and the teachers working with yoga everyday!

"Keep Your Circles Positive"

“Keep Your Circles Positive” is our quote and we choose it because we want to remind ourselves and all persons engaged in our brand OOO that it is not about I, me and myself – itś about us – together.

What you do and think affect other people and we would like you to think and act in a way that gives more and more positive energy to the positive circles of yoga.

What we do to contribute

For every sold OOO Yoga Mat – we invests 5 euro in a fund.

These money is then used to help yoga teachers, yoga studios and also for more charity projects as for youths to help them to activate in good stuff and also for quality time for children and parents.

...also all OOO yoga mats with the same design as the Ambassador contribute to yoga teachers and studios

Become an Ambassador

We support yoga.

We support yoga teachers and yoga studios.

If you are an Ambassador (a person that practice yoga on an OOO yoga mat and also offer OOO to others), we try to support you extra much! Therefor we are happy when someone would like to be an Ambassdor of the OOO brand!

Become an Ambassador

“Keep Your Circles Positive” also mean that we rather like to give to yoga teachers than to hungry investors and shareholders. We offer more margins than many other brands to you who daily work hard and help others, so that you as a yoga teacher can survive.

OOO is a Swedish Family Brand – and we are free from external investors, high overhead costs, high salaries and waste of natural resources.

But we do care for yoga, yogis, nature, humans, recycling, and giving back.