Meditation Cushion Gibbous Kapok, Black

OOO Yoga Meditation Cushion. Stable and give your spine a good support. Handmade in Europe. Well-made, Non-toxic, Organic, Anti Allergic, Moisture Repellent. “Keep Your Circles Positive”

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Meditation Cushion Gibbous – Kapok


From OOO comes a fantastic, organic, handmade meditation cushion in gibbous format. Filled with the lightweight buckle material kapok. Kapok is a material that is 100% natural and comes from the kapok tree in Indonesia. The material is a breathing material and is elastic and resilient. Suitable for people with allergies. Recommended by Swedish Naturskyddsföreningen.


  • 0,825 kg
  • 45 cm x 28 cm x 22 cm
  • Filling – Kapok
  • Hand made in Europe
  • Springy, Well-made, Non-toxic, Organic, Anti Allergic, Good Environmental Choice.
  • Low weight makes it easy to carry and bring with you to class.
  • Simply a good choice if you need a meditation cushion!

Kapok, like cotton, is a plant fiber belonging to the seedlings. Unlike cotton, the fibers are very short and fragile which makes it hard to spin into durable yarns and weave or stick to fabric. However, the fibers have properties that make them suitable for filling in mattresses, padding or insulation. The Nature Conservation Association approves Kapok as a material in their environmental label Good Environmental Choice, and therefore considers that this is an environmentally sound and harmless material choice.

Use & Care

Cleaning and Storage

The outer fabric can be washed carefully at max 40 ° Celsius.

Let it hang dry. Do not use tumbler to dry.

You can empty the pillow on the filling and wash the fabric separately, and then refill the pillow with saved material.

The fabric is made of 100% cotton.


OOO – is a Swedish brand whose aim is to offer high quality, poison-free and organic products to Swedish yogis. OOO also takes social responsibility by reinvesting a part of what you pay back to yoga teachers in Sweden and also to scholarship for a variety of social engagements, all under the quote:

“Keep Your Circles Positive”

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Additional information
Weight 0.825 kg
Dimensions 45 × 28 × 22 cm

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