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OOO Yoga Mat Ambassador

This marvelous yoga mat has everything; Slippery Free, Ecologic and Biodegradable, Heavenly Cushioning & Stays Stabil on floor.

Gives back to our beloved yoga teachers and studios instead of hungry investors. From a Swedish Family Company.

“Keep Your Circles Positive”

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OOO Yoga Mat Ambassador


From OOO comes a fantastic, high quality, organic, poison free, non-slip, swedish branded and family made yoga mat! Above all this – OOO takes it´s social mission for real!  For every sold yoga mat 50 SEK goes back to all those yoga teachers and yoga studios that work daily to serve you the best yoga experience!


  • 3,15kg
  • 180 cm x 66 cm x 0,5 cm
  • Eco Friendly
  • Non-Slip Yoga mat – the more hot you get – the better the mat becomes!
  • No Poison – even the print is made with laser – so no colors.
  • Natural Rubber gives a smooth cushion to the floor, yet – a stabile mat that lays flat and still.
  • The Professional Design works as an alignment system – for you to find your place on the mat.
  • It´s a Swedish brand – from a family company that cares about yoga and for every sold mat OOO return 50 SEK to the yoga teachers working for you.

“Keep Your Circles Positive” – As an owner of this mat you contribute to a better world.

Use & Care

  • Roll it up with the top side outwards
  • Don´t keep it in direct sunlight
  • Let it hang dry after practice – not in a drying chamber – but just in a room.
  • Clean it carefully – use just a little soap in much water. Use a damped cloth and wipe the mat.
  • Make sure you do not have lotions etc on your hands/feets while practicing on the mat.


OOO – is a Swedish brand whose aim is to offer high quality, poison-free and organic products to all yogis. OOO also takes social responsibility by reinvesting a part of what you pay back to yoga teachers and also granting scholarship for a variety of social engagements, all under the quote:

“Keep Your Circles Positive”

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Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 183 × 66 × 0.5 cm
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