OOO Yoga Mat

We have listened to our customers.
We have looked for the highest quality.
We have taken environmental
and social responsibility into account.
The result: OOO Yoga Mat!


We have thought about nature and your health! The yoga mat is made of naturally and environmentally durable rubber.


Slipping on a yoga mat can completely ruin your yoga. That's why we created a mat that gives you the best grip on the market.

Best in test

Only the best is good enough! We know that OOO Yoga Mat is the best yoga mat available. The material has already been tested by yogis around the world ...

Highest Quality

We want satisfied customers - so for us, only the best works. Although natural rubber comes from nature and is on its way back there, the rug is durable and will be by your side for a long time!


We have etched the pattern instead of printing with harmful ink.
We have also used a revolutionary heat-bonding process that eliminates the need for toxic adhesive to bond the top layer to the base layer.
OOO yoga mat is PVC free so it does not contain any nasty heavy metals like lead and cadmium.


"Keep Your Circles Positive" - It was important for us to take Social Responsibility. "We help you who help others" - For each mat sold, money goes back to our Ambassador program and to more Charitable causes.

For us it is important that you care!
In this case – Sharing is Caring!

“Keep Your Circles Positive”